Kyoko Takeyama
Kyoko Takeyama

Ladies, Let’s Speak in a Way that Makes an Impact

Founder, Kyoko Takeyama Consulting
18.02 18:00-21:00
אירוע וירטואלי

Have you ever been congratulated by someone on how well you did in a meeting, presentation or speech and you responded by saying something negative about your performance like, “Thanks, but…I wasn’t prepared enough?” 

In order to grow in your career, speaking confidently while giving presentations and speeches is crucial.  In this exclusive workshop just for women, we will go on a journey together to analyze what you do well, what you can improve and how to communicate in a way that will help you grow both personally and professionally. 

This is not a passive workshop so be ready to practice and get feedback.  It is designed to be fun, interactive and useful so let’s learn by doing and make an impact.  

Who is it for

Women who already give presentations and speeches and want to take it to the next level.  Also for women who want to explore, experiment and discover what they are capable of doing but just don’t know it, yet.

What we’ll cover

Practical ways to build confidence 

Strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome

Techniques to get audience participation

Methods to use gestures effectively

Finding your message through storytelling


Increase confidence in speaking and presenting 

Improve your body language 

Become aware of your strengths and uniqueness

Get creative with delivery and structure

Hook your audience and keep them engaged

Focus on the experience instead of being perfect

Get excited about your next speaking opportunity!

Kyoko Takeyama

Kyoko Takeyama

Founder, Kyoko Takeyama Consulting

Kyoko helps professionals, especially women, speak to serve others for career growth. Made in New York by Japanese parents and currently living in Barcelona, Kyoko has spent her life deciphering messages in English, Japanese and Spanish to find that communication is more than speaking out loud.  Most professionals have difficulty speaking publicly about their expertise. She helps them to emotionally and intellectually connect with their audiences so their ideas create more opportunities.

Kyoko has a B.A. and M.A in Communications and works with IESE Business School as a public speaking coach for leaders. When Kyoko’s not giving speeches, workshops and coaching, she loves cooking and eating Japanese food.  If you’re great at what you do, the world needs to know it.  Let’s connect on LinkedIn and TALK about you!

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